The World's Best Baking Pan! 

  • BAKING MADE EASY! Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe. Non-stick - removes flawlessly from pan. No more broken cupcakes or burnt residues to scrub, just pop the food out and pop the pan in the dishwasher! Consistent cooking guaranteed, no more burned outsides and uncooked insides!
  • IMPRESS YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS! Serve beautiful cupcakes, perfect muffins, or restaurant quality dessert tarts to your dinner or party guests! Surprise your picky kids with delicious & healthy snacks, breakfast, or desserts.
  • SAVE MONEY & EAT HEALTHIER! No need for expensive kitchen gadgets, this pan can do it all! Endless possibilities: muffin pan, cupcake pan, quiche pan, tart pan, mini omelets/lasagnas/meatloaf and much more! This pan replaces the need for muffin liners, cupcake liners or baking cups. No more $5 coffee shop muffins or expensive sugar packed store bought cupcakes!
  • FREE RECIPE E-BOOK! Exclusive to Delightful Mom Food Muffin Pan buyers; A muffin pan recipe book filled with simple, healthy and delicious recipes! You'll be baking amazing recipes in no time!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We went to great lengths to ensure our pan is made with the highest quality FDA-Approved, BPA-FREE, Pure Food Grade Silicone and guaranteed to last a lifetime! Love it or your money back! No questions asked.
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Why Delightful Mom Food Bakeware?

Its actually quite simple...Because we believe in the best, and we want to make sure our customers have the best!  Creating quality recipes is one thing, but we understand that is only one part of the also need quality tools! As a professional foodie or food blogger, I have used my fair share of muffin & cupcake pans and simply put I was not satisfied with what was out there.  As much as I love to use a good muffin pan, I realized that all the pans I was currently using and had used in the past ended up in more dissapointment than successs.  So we saw the potential, knew what was lacking, and decided to create our own premium pan!  

In fact, because of their versatility I use muffin/cupcake pans almost everyday and more than any other kitchen utensil. You can do so much with a good muffin/cupcake pan!  But before I had this pan what I found out is:

1.  Teflon or aluminum pans are not so "non-stick", making it hard to remove that wonderful creation you spent so much time on, and then also very difficult to clean!  In addition to that they can be potentially hazardous (if you scrape the coating doing so). And while silicone pans have made their way into the market as the next big thing, and rightly so, the problem is....

2.  Most silicone pans are made very cheaply, making them lightweight, flimsy and short lived OR they are very expensive.  

We knew there had to be a way that we could get a pan that was the best of both worlds! High quality and affordable!  It took a whole lot of time and effort but we were able to do just that!  This is THE pan you've been waiting will not be dissapointed!

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""This muffin pan and the healthy recipe ebook that came with it are great!!! It is so versatile and I love that its dishwasher safe-- it was super easy to clean! The flexible nature of the pan makes it really easy to store, too. Plus, it's just pretty to look at :) I can't wait to try the rest or the Delightful Mom Food healthy muffin tin recipes!!!""
- Ms. Mericks
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